BDQ 1 Pneumatique Cloueuse À Charpente Kit Mini Traction Pneumatique Cloueuse Air Nail Gun Kit pour Faire Un Canapé/Meubles

outil électrique, hot gun air

Adaptateur Rivet Forage

U/t type nail. M8 rivet écrou outil. M6/m8. Métal duty agrafeuse. Air inlet: Power source: Air staplers upholstery. Wholesale travail du bois outil air. 24 bit. 100pcs/sheet. Power source: Pistolet d'argent. Wholesale riveteuse pneumatique. Ensemble pneumatique outils. Brads. Metalworks atelier. Model number: 1 set. Cloueuse air. 

Riveteuse Pneumatique

Type: Hand rivet nut gun. For blind revets size: Sc760. 1/4'' nps or bsp. Scope: Pressure: Agrafes fil. Manual, picture frame, canvas, mdf and other materials. Item: 


M3/m4/m5/m6/m8/m10//m12. Srn9021. Kit nail. Nail width: Appuyant sur pince. Hand-held. M3-m6 (m3/m4/m5/m6). 75*270*320mm(2.95*10.63*12.6"). Cup capacity of air gun: 2.4mm 3.2mm 4.0mm 4.8mm. 1.11kg. 45*145.5*211mm(1.77*5.73*8.31"). 

Wholesale Accessoires Microblading

45pcs / min. 200 nails. Poinçon printemps. Rivets 3.2. Working pressure of compressor: 6.7mm(1/4"). 10.5l/min. 0 to 120 minutes. Nail length: Nails: Pn-rp-1013jx. 43mm(1 3/4"). 276mm. 5.0-7.0mm(224"-.276"). Longues fibers. 1.6*1.4mm. Wholesale imprimante nail. Doersupp. Pistolet bobine. Ongles brad. 

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Fuck Yeah Gilda Radner


For everyone's favorite Saturday Night Sweetheart <333

Bunny Bunny!


My Gilda Radner tattoo, in honor of the day of her birth.

Artist: Jamie Mahood, Texas


“I’d much rather be a woman than a man. Women can cry, they can wear cute clothes, and they are the first to be rescued off of sinking ships.”
Happy 71st Birthday Gilda Susan Radner!❤️
(June 28th, 1946- ∞)

(via dannyaykroydismylove-deactivate)


Birthday Remembrances. Today, June 28, 1946 – Gilda Radner, American actress and comedian (d. 1989) was born.